Summary of Organizational Qualifications, Experience, and Needs

For many years, the National Ground Water Association has maintained a roster of organizations from around the world that engage in the construction and/or service of water well systems for the impoverished in need of plentiful and safe supplies of drinking water.

As interest in this service grows, we find we are asked to provide greater information about the organizations we list. If you wish for your organization to continue to be listed on our roster, as found at, you must complete this form and click submit. Questions about this form can be directed to

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Number of water well systems installed to date that are:
  Hand dug
  Percussion drilled by human and/or animal power
  Percussion drilled by machinery
  Rotary drilled by machinery

Number of water well systems rehabilitated to date are:


Number of water well pump systems installed to date that are:

  Fossil fuel-powered  
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Primary source of funding (the largest aggregated dollar segment among your sources) is:


Geographic limitations of current services is:

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Southeast Asia
Middle East
Southern Asia
Pacific Islands (excluding Australia and New Zealand)

If a membership organization, how many members do you have of this date? 


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Is a U.S. Federal 990 informational tax return available upon request?


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Yes – found at these nonprofit clearinghouse Web sites


Yes, but upon written request only
No, we are a non-U.S.-based organization
No, we are not required to file one given our current organizational size


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