Field Guide for Rock Core Logging and Fracture Analysis

by Midwest GeoSciences Group

This double-sided, plastic-coated guide is designed for improving rock core descriptions and characterizing bedrock fractures on meaningful rock core logs that are clear, consistent, and concise.
The front side presents procedures for labeling natural fractures, marking rock core, and calculating total, solid, and modified core recovery and rock quality designation (RQD). It also includes an easy-to-use flow chart for describing and characterizing rock core on field boring logs.
The back side includes a fracture characterization guide for analyzing bedrock fractures from any size rock core. A list of general rock names is included for helping identify common rock types and schematic is provided for helping properly label the rock core box and place the rock core.

Double-sided guide with instruction sheets
Catalog # X956

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Geophysical Techniques

by Richard C. Benson, Robert Glaccum, and Michael R. Noel

The six geophysical techniques described in the publication include metal detection, magnetometry, ground-penetrating radar, electromagnetics, resistivity, and seismic refraction. Their applications for sensing the presence of subsurface waster and waste migration are detailed.

1982 / 252 pages
Catalog #T015

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Prospects for Managed Underground Storage of Recoverable Water

The National Academies Press
By National Research Council

This book covers the growing demands for water in many parts of the nation and the search for new approaches to sustainable water management.
The text concludes that managed underground storage should be considered a valuable tool in a water manager's portfolio and recommends ways to address the unique challenges posed by managed underground storage systems through research and regulatory measures. A glossary and appendixes add detail.

2008/337 pages
Catalog # T1056

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