Aquifer Storage Recovery

by R. David G. Pyne
ASR Systems

More and more aquifer storage recovery wellfields are operating throughout the United States and globally. This second-edition volume is filled with valuable information on the science, technology, economics, legal, and regulatory aspects of ASR. The author, who has more than 35 years of water-supply experience including 25 years developing and implementing ASR technology throughout the world, discusses the viability and cost-effectiveness of this approach to water management and aquifer recharge. Case studies and suggested directions for future research and applications are presented as well.

2005 / 608 pages
Catalog #T1029

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Groundwater & Wells

Edited by Robert Sterrett, Ph.D., PG
Johnson Division

This is the third edition to what is our top-selling reference book year after year! This tremendous resource should be on your desk if you are serious about the groundwater industry.
It features 20 years of advancements in technology and knowledge gained in the field. Included are new borehole geophysical techniques, information on underbalanced and horizontal drilling, new approaches to well development, as well as details on ASR, groundwater monitoring and remediation, prepack screens for water interactive well design and well maintenance programs for water well contractors and design engineers.
This reference manual is the comprehensive guide for the design, installation, and maintenance of water wells.

2008 / 812 pages
Catalog #T017

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Prospects for Managed Underground Storage of Recoverable Water

The National Academies Press
By National Research Council

This book covers the growing demands for water in many parts of the nation and the search for new approaches to sustainable water management.
The text concludes that managed underground storage should be considered a valuable tool in a water manager's portfolio and recommends ways to address the unique challenges posed by managed underground storage systems through research and regulatory measures. A glossary and appendixes add detail.

2008/337 pages
Catalog # T1056

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Water Supply Development

By Thomas M. Missimer, Ian C. Watson, Thomas Pankratz, and Robert G. Maliva
Schlumberger Water Services

This book addresses membrane treatment facilities, which operate efficiently when using raw water containing a constant chemistry with low concentrations of foulants.
The text covers methods to develop raw water supplies that have constant water chemistry and to reduce the concentrations of potential foulants that cause pretreatment processes to be added to the plant design.
Evaluation and design of water supplies for all membrane processes using both surface-water sources and groundwater sources are covered.
Also included are discussions on concentrate disposal and its effect on facility design as well as aquifer storage and recovery being used to improve facility operational efficiency.

2009/390 pages
Catalog #T1082

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Water Well Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

by Georg Houben and Christoph Treskatis
McGraw Hill

This book is an all-in-one guide to monitoring, identifying, and solving problems related to aging water wells. Filled with examples from around the world, the reference provides scientific background needed to understand well aging and to perform effective rehabilitation, reconstruction, and monitoring. The book is a comprehensive guide to the mechanical, chemical, and microbiological aging processes of water wells. Along with the state-of-the-art methods, also covered are legal and environmental issues such as the transport application and disposal of chemicals.

2007 / 391 pages
Catalog #T1050

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