Advanced Simulation and Modelling for Urban Groundwater Management - UGROW

Edited by Dubravka Pokrajac and Ken Howard
CRC Press and UNESCO

The book is part of UNESCO's Urban Water Series that addresses fundamental issues related to the role of water in cities and the effects of urbanization on the hydrological cycle and water resources.
This title details the result of a project of UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme. It presents UGROW, a complete and fully integrated modeling package for simulating urban water systems. As a decision-support tool for urban water management, it focuses on urban groundwater, but all other key urban water system elements are fully represented and seamlessly linked.
A CD-ROM containing a fully functional version of UGROW is included in the book.

2010/183 pages
Catalog #T1085

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Ground Water Resources of the World and Their Use

edited by Igor S. Zektser and Lorne G. Everett

This book is a reprinting of the UNESCO/IHP monograph from 2004. The hardbound book was designed to provide a better understanding of the crucial role played by groundwater to the ecosystem and man. Chapters are dedicated to specific regions of the world as well as groundwater's role as a public water supply, modern concepts of groundwater resources, scientific principles of regional assessment, and mineral and thermal power. This is a limited-edition printing.

2006 / 346 pages
Catalog #T1035

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Groundwater & Wells: Reduce Risks to Your Water Supply

This brochure was designed by NGWA for your use with the public -- customers, potential customers, and others.
Simply written and in full color, it describes four things well owners should keep in mind to reduce risks to their water well system.
Discussed are proper well location and construction, regular well system maintenance, water testing and treatment, and groundwater protection.
The brochures provide lists of things to look for during maintenance checks, water testing, and more.

50 brochures per pack
Catalog #X962

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Modern Hydrology and Sustainable Water Development

By S.K. Gupta

The text presents a unified treatment of the science and practice of modern hydrology.
Its aim is to provide a breadth and depth of understanding in each of the major subsections of modern hydrology under three broad terms: Water's properties, movement, modeling, and quality; the distribution of water in space and time; and water resource sustainability.
The book is not only intended as a textbook in environmental science and civil engineering courses, but also as a reference for professionals in fields such as environmental planning, civil engineering, municipal and industrial water supply, and irrigation management.

2011/437 pages
Catalog #T1091

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Private Water Systems Handbook

by The Midwest Plan Service

Clear drawings and well-written text make this book a valuable help in choosing the proper source of water pumps, pressure tanks and controls, piping, and water treatment. Guidelines are presented as rules of thumb and in easily understood tables and charts. Most of the suggestions may be applied directly to help solve water supply problems or to design a household water supply system. This handbook is produced by agricultural extension engineers.

1979 / 72 pages
Catalog #T487

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Siting, Drilling and Construction of Water Supply Wells

American Water Works Association
By Frederick Bloetscher, Ph.D., PE, Albert Muniz, PE and John Largey

Designed for municipal water supply engineers, hydrogeologists, water utility managers, and water resource professionals, this book is an excellent desk reference for any question regarding water wells, including siting, water quality, drilling methods, field testing, design, construction, development, and operation.
The book is designed to be a practical reference and contains dozens of photographs and drawings. It describes and illustrates all common drilling methods, geophysical logging, and field testing. Well development, important for assuring well productivity and long life, is covered in detail as well.

2007/206 pages
Catalog #T1060

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Water Supply Development, Aquifer Storage and Concentrate Disposal for Water Treatment Facilities

By Thomas M. Missimer, Ian C. Watson, Thomas Pankratz, and Robert G. Maliva
Schlumberger Water Services

This book addresses membrane treatment facilities, which operate efficiently when using raw water containing a constant chemistry with low concentrations of foulants.
The text covers methods to develop raw water supplies that have constant water chemistry and to reduce the concentrations of potential foulants that cause pretreatment processes to be added to the plant design.
Evaluation and design of water supplies for all membrane processes using both surface-water sources and groundwater sources are covered.
Also included are discussions on concentrate disposal and its effect on facility design as well as aquifer storage and recovery being used to improve facility operational efficiency.

2009/390 pages
Catalog #T1082

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Water Supply, 5th edition

by Alan C. Twort, Don D. Ratnayaka, and Malcolm J. Brandt
Arnold Publishers

This fifth edition of Water Supply has been expanded to cover current issues such as asset management, water quality modelling, reducing risks from cryptosporodium, and disinfection by-products. The text also examines several standards in-depth including coverage of U.S., European, UK, and WHO standards. It is designed for professional water engineers and postgraduates, but is also beneficial for undergraduate students studying water engineering.

2000 / 676 pages
Catalog #T010

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What to Consider When Selecting Your Water Supply

by Ernst & Young
under contract with NGWA

This booklet examines the detailed options and provides tables for calculating the various costs of the alternative sources.

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Catalog #T626

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