Chelating Agents

Edited By Daniel C.W. Wang, Irene M.C. Lo and Rao Y. Surampalli

This text examines the application of chelating agents for the treatment of soil contaminated with metals.
Remediation can be costly and chelating agents are an attractive new technology for land decontamination because they enhance metal extraction from contaminated soil or sediment and facilitate metal mobility in subsurface soils.
Process fundamentals, engineering applications, and recent advances are covered in the book. It is ideal for engineers, scientists, and professionals working with contaminated land remediation.

2012/284 pages
Catalog #T1095

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Domestic Water Treatment

by Lehr, Gass, Pettyjohn, and DeMarre

This definitive work provides the first single-volume guide to all aspects of the analysis and treatment of water for domestic water supply purposes.

1980 / 264 pages
Catalog #T012

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Groundwater Treatment Technology

Edited by Evan Nyer
John Wiley & Sons

This third edition is a key text to understanding the treatment of groundwater contamination for professionals in environmental engineering treatment systems.
It provides a complete review of current technologies for treatment and explains the design techniques that are required to apply those technologies successfully in a groundwater cleanup and provides the reader with the unique design criteria and knowledge of specific treatment methods.
New information is provided on aboveground treatment technologies, the operation of treatment systems, remediation strategies, and treatment methods on arsenic, radon, 1,4-dioxane, MTBE, perchlorate, and NDMA.

2009/424 pages
Catalog #T1067

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Water Supply Development

By Thomas M. Missimer, Ian C. Watson, Thomas Pankratz, and Robert G. Maliva
Schlumberger Water Services

This book addresses membrane treatment facilities, which operate efficiently when using raw water containing a constant chemistry with low concentrations of foulants.
The text covers methods to develop raw water supplies that have constant water chemistry and to reduce the concentrations of potential foulants that cause pretreatment processes to be added to the plant design.
Evaluation and design of water supplies for all membrane processes using both surface-water sources and groundwater sources are covered.
Also included are discussions on concentrate disposal and its effect on facility design as well as aquifer storage and recovery being used to improve facility operational efficiency.

2009/390 pages
Catalog #T1082

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