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Groundwater Forum

DOT/OSHA Subcommittee

Works toward effectively communicating the impact to the groundwater industry of regulations from federal governmental agencies, such as the Department of Transportation and OSHA.

NGWA staff liaison: Kathy J Butcher (800) 551-7379 ext: 526
Chair: Ronald C Peterson, MGWC - North Eastham, MA
Member: Denis Crayon, CHST - Bridgewater, NJ
Member: Scott J Fowler, CWD/PI - Burlington, WA
Member: Susie Givens - Corydon, KY
Member: David Henrich, CWD/PI, CVCLD - Maple Plain, MN
Member: Ronald C Peterson, MGWC - North Eastham, MA
Advisor: Gary LaBrake - Branford, CT