NGWA -Boards and committees

Groundwater Protection & Management Subcommittee

Guides NGWA in establishment of policies toward protection of our nation's groundwater. As part of mission, includes identifying and prioritizing groundwater protection and management regulatory matters.

NGWA staff liaison: Christine L Reimer (800) 551-7379 ext: 560
Chair: Timothy K Parker, PG - Sacramento, CA
Member: Daniel E Callahan, CSP-I - Houston, TX
Member: Gregory H Fox - Stanwood, MI
Member: Paul Gruber - Arlington, VA
Member: Seth Kellogg, PG - Edison, NJ
Member: Laurent M Meillier, MS Geology - Oakland, CA
Member: Kenneth E Nichols - Austin, TX
Member: LeRoy Y Palmer - Boise, ID
Member: Timothy K Parker, PG - Sacramento, CA
Member: Michael Piechowski - Tacoma, WA
Member: Daniel D Snow, PhD - Lincoln, NE
Member: Christine L Vilardi, CGWP - Hackensack, NJ
Member: Scott Wilson - San Clemente, CA