NGWA -Boards and committees

Past Presidents Committee

Reviews the Association's general policies and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

NGWA staff liaison: Trisha Freeman (800) 551-7379 ext: 553
Chair: Griffin Crosby, CWD/PI - Lake Wales, FL
Member: Travis Acklin - Conway, AR
Member: Leonard Assante, Retired CWD/PI - St Michaels, MD
Member: Arthur E Becker, CPG, MGWC - Manahawkin, NJ
Member: Tommy Bussell - Tomball, TX
Member: Griffin Crosby, CWD/PI - Lake Wales, FL
Member: Thomas Downey, CWD/PI - Lexington, NE
Member: Alan G Eades, CWD/PI, CVCLD - Hobbs, NM
Member: Scott J Fowler, CWD/PI - Burlington, WA
Member: Jerry Frick, MGWC - Walkerville, MI
Member: Stanley L Graves, CWD - Birmingham, AL
Member: Robert B Heater - Cary, NC
Member: Richard Henkle - Garden City, KS
Member: John W Henrich, CEO, MGWC, CVCLD - Maple Plain, MN
Member: Jerry Hill - Indianapolis, IN
Member: Henry G Holder - Social Circle, GA
Member: Glenn L Lyons, Retired CWD/PI - Stockton, IL
Member: Larry A Lyons - Stockton, IL
Member: Daniel T Meyer, CPA, MGWC, CVCLD - Garden Grove, CA
Member: Ernest Pender, MGWC - Texarkana, TX
Member: Worth F Pickard - Sanford, NC
Member: John W Pitz, CPI - Batavia, IL
Member: Robert Reichart, Retired CWD/PI - Hanover, PA
Member: Roger E Renner, BS, MGWC - Elk River, MN
Member: John Schmitt, CWD/PI - Manchester, MI
Member: John Schrack - Selma, CA
Member: Thomas Stevens - Maple Plain, MN
Member: Walter Stockert - Strasburg, OH
Member: Bill C Stoner - Corsicana, TX
Member: John K Sullivan - Ripley, ME
Member: Ralph Taylor - Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Member: Peter Thein, Retired MGWC - Cold Spring, MN
Member: Loyd Watson, MGWC, CVCLD - Lascassas, TN
Member: Wayne E Westberg, MGWC - Anchorage, AK