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Groundwater Forum

Standard Development Oversight Committee

Formulates and publishes, in the public interest, standards and procedural guidance for the construction of water well systems (for all end uses, i.e., residential, public supply, irrigation, commercial), and to promote their worldwide acceptance and observance. The committee is structured in accordance with ANSI requirements.

NGWA staff liaison: Jessica Rhoads (614) 898-7791 ext: 511
Chair: Thom M Hanna, RPG - Durango, CO
Member: Thom M Hanna, RPG - Durango, CO
Member: Todd E Hunter, CWD/PI - Boulder, CO
Member: Roger E Renner, BS, MGWC - Elk River, MN
Member: Jeffrey W Williams, MGWC, CVCLD - Jericho, VT