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Scientists and Engineers Board of Directors

The Scientists and Engineers Division Board of Directors manages the affairs of the Scientists and Engineers Division, a membership division of NGWA. The board sets policies, monitors pertinent issues, and ensures that membership in the division is worthwhile and valuable to its members. Like the NGWA Board of Directors, division board members are elected by their peers.

NGWA staff liaison: Trisha Freeman (800) 551-7379 ext: 1553
Chair:Scott King, MS, PG - Buffalo, NY
Past Chair:Robert P Schreiber, PE - Boston, MA
Vice Chair: Jason R House, CG, PG - Portland, ME
Director: William L Cunningham - Reston, VA
Director:Erica DiFilippo, Ph.D - Bethesda, MD
Director: W. Richard Laton, Ph.D. - North Tustin, CA
Director: Melissa Lenczewski, Ph.D. - Dekalb, IL
Director: Timothy K Parker, PG - Sacramento, CA
Director: Tess Russo, Ph.D. - University Park, MD
Director: Michael Wireman - Boulder, CO