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Water Systems Technical Task Force

is concerned with NGWA recommended practices and procedures aimed at protecting public health, maximizing groundwater protection, and optimal water system installation performance, including jet, submersible, and line-shaft turbine pumps, and others and their related drives and accessories used to move and/or store groundwater from a well to and/or at the point of groundwater distribution.

NGWA staff liaison: Kevin B McCray CAE (800) 551-7379 ext: 503
Member: Steven C Chisholm, CPI - Roanoke, VA
Member: David M Hartman, CPI - Winslow, AZ
Member: Tim Hill, CPI - Westfield, IN
Member: Kurt Price, CPI - Wheatland, WY
Member: Robert J Stone - Bluffton, IN
Member: Samuel N Tyler, CPI - Carver, MA
Member: M Scott Weisinger, CWD - Conroe, TX